Curious and Cumming Out of the Closet - A Workshop for queer women or women questioning their sexuality - with Sophia Spallino and Miss California

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You don't have to be alone after a breakup. Let's take an energetic bubble bath and heal together. This is a monthly group coaching membership designed to help you heal and open your heart. Some people might come in for one month, and some might benefit staying for a year. It's your journey. 

How does this "membership" work? You may join at ANYTIME and cancel when you feel led, when you create your own closure, when you remember your wholeness.

  •  LIVE GROUP COACHING (You will get access to me for up to two hours in our live monthly meeting. My private session rate is $222/hr, so take advantage of this group session rate)
  •   Live guided mediations/presence sessions each meeting
  •  Community of humans committed to their healing journey (connect and heal together)
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Who is this breakup and closure "bootcamp" for?

You. The one who is ready to *actually* move on because you can't afford NOT to.
You remember who you were before this pain, and you know you need to find HER again... 
Maybe you didn't get the closure you deserved. Maybe things ended in the worst way. Maybe they ended in the best way, and it's hard to let go of what you thought would be. 
You want to feel better. You want to feel like yourself again. You don't want to waste time, not feeling joy, not creating from a full cup, not being open to new experiences and love all around. 
You might be devastated or feeling stuck, but DEEP DOWN, you believe you create your own reality. You want to take back your sovereign power. You want to heal your heart. 
You can join my BREAKUP BOOTCAMP at anytime, and cancel when you feel led, when you find yourself and peace again. 
When you join, you will receive access to our previous meeting and login details for our next live meeting.
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Take back your power and get back to feeling like you.  

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Live Event Time: Every last Wednesday of the month (7pm CST) -- or you can receive a recording later (except November when our meeting will be on the 23rd)

Place: Virtual Zoom Meeting (You will receive an email with zoom meeting details after purchasing your membership)

What to Expect: Feeling more confident in healing journey, the tools and space to create your own closure, and a community

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Carly L.

"Hi Sophia, I just want to express how much I appreciated last nights workshop...well last night was the first time I slept peacefully in a long time. You were even in my dream reassuring me to trust the process and release my expectations of the journey. Thank you so much."

Stephanie R.

"Thank you so much for putting together this workshop. I wasn’t expecting to be on camera or for it to be so intimate so I don’t normally look like a hot mess. Thank you for allowing the space to be me and giving me the words for everything I am feeling."

Alex H.

"I think that's what makes doing coaching with you so different than therapy...and effective...You aren't just sitting and speaking from what you learned in a book in college. You're speaking from experience and showing your clients the proof that's in the pudding."

Lisa A.

"I feel a sense of closure. I needed to say those things because I never got the chance to. I've been working on my list and it's really helping me to get through the day. You have helped me see that I am not alone and I don't have to be alone. You have given me so many tools and as I go through this, I am looking forward to meet a better. stronger version of myself." 

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